Half Past 6

Minneapolis, MN


Half Past 6 Unwilling to dwell upon the gloom and doom in the headlines of recent years, Twin Cities roots rocker Tom Gebell formed the band, Half Past 6, and the band's eponymous debut CD encourages us all to simply ‘tune out, turn off’ the world, and seek those ‘better days out in the distance.’ “I'm an average guy living in the Midwest. I can't change the world,” explains Gebell. “But I can try to make my own little world a better place.” Half Past 6 marks Gebell's debut as both a songwriter and a producer. The New Jersey-native spent roughly two years writing and recording the album to his perfectionist standards before recruiting an old bandmate, Greg Carson, to give the album the vocal polish it needed. Hailing from the Christian contemporary world, Carson is a top-shelf singer. His Midwestern drawl is full of emotion, and he brings out vivid characters in Gebell's stories of everyday people finding the strength to cope with and conquer life's problems. As an album, Half Past 6 moves fluidly between styles - its blend of rock, blues and country gives the album a very laid back, Midwestern feel. Whether it's simply a love song like the rocked-up "I Need Help," a tale of self-redemption like "Gone Tonight," or the fatherly advice delicately laced into "Every Dog," Half Past 6 takes on everyday life with a sense of humor and grace. Half Past 6 is now touring regionally as a 4-piece. Gebell is joined by three permanent members: 19-year-old prodigy Lightnin' Joe Peterson keyboards and harmonica, his brother Ben Peterson on drums, and Pops Pederson on bass. The band is back in the studio, with plans to release a new CD in the spring of '09.

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